Nursery and Florist Display Stakes

Our display stakes are designed and made in Australia. They come in a variety of colours, won’t snap and have a UV coating to ensure they have a long working life.

Display Stake Features

  • Special copolymer – rugged built outdoor usage, won’t snap
  • UV treated – long life
  • Variety of colours – to suit your sales promotions
  • Australian made – readily available

display stakes

display stakes in more detail

Product Stake Length Dimensions of Face Plate Colours Number in Pack
PL1 45cm 16cm x 10cm YGWO 25
PL2 35cm 9.5cm x 6.5cm YGWOPVB 50
PL4 28.5cm 13.5cm x 8cm YW 50
PL5 17.8cm 17.8cm x 6.2cm Y 50 per pack
225 per carton
PL7 30cm 7cm x 5cm YGW 50 per pack
250 per carton
PL8 15cm 5.5cm x 3.5cm YGW 50
BB1 45cm 16cm x 10cm YGWO price per stake
BB2 35cm 9.5cm x 6.5cm YGWOPVB price per stake


Y – Yellow
G – Green
W – White
O – Orange
P – Purple
V – Violet
B – Black