Nursery and Florist Sundry Items

Display Stake Sundry Items

A number of integral items are needed to finish off the display stake presentation. These include a simple system of clamps and cards which enable you to quickly and efficiently affix labels to the stakes to identify the plants or flowers.The clamps are made of long lasting clear plastic which are fixed to the top of the display stake face plates and these allow the insertion of cards which you can mark appropriately with Garden Markers.The cards are fully weather resistant .


Other Items

Lock Tags
Lock tags are supplied in rolls of 1,000 and are available in white, yellow or orange.

Foil Tags
Foil tags are thin rectangles of aluminum that allow you to write/imprint onto them with an ordinary ball point pen. These tags resist the elements and remain readable for years. These tags use copper ties to attach to plants. Both the foil tags and copper ties come in packs of 1,000.

Plastic Push Ins
Plastic push ins allow you to write plant details simply and easily on to cheap effective markers to keep track of your stock. Packs of 500 and 1,000 are available.

Plastic Strung Tags
Weather resistant plastic strung tags enable you to record plant details with a garden marker pen. Suitable for attachment to small plants and shrubs. These tags are available in packs of either 500 or 1,000.

Garden Marker Pens
Our garden marker pens are well suited to writing on various plastic tags and markers. The ink will not wash off in the rain and will resist fading in strong sunlight.